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See the old West tour

The holiday at the ranch can be matched with the spring or autumn Tour to Las Vegas, Grand Canyon and Monument Valley.

Both in spring and autumn the ranch's van leaves the ranch with 4 or 6 guests. After a week of holiday at the ranch you will travel across USA, in order to discover Colorado, Utah, Arizona and Nevada in an adventurous and non-traditional way.
There can be some variations as mutually agreed between the guests.
The overnights will be in high-quality hotels that are already included in the tour-price.
The flight back to Italy leaves from Las Vegas.
The Tour can begin from Las Vegas and end up at the Ranch, too.
Tour Price 2023, 7 days ( min.4/6 person) $3,000 Tour Price 11 days (min.4/6 person) Departing from the Ranch or San Francisco 4.100 $ children under 10 years old pay 50% of the price

[Up] Spring Tour 2023

Again this year we organize the Tour of the most beautiful parks in the USA: Zion, Brice Canyon, Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon, Mesa Verde Monument Valley Las Vegas etc. etc. The package includes, 3/4 days of Ranch or even a week of life at Cowboy's and then we leave for an unforgettable adventure, with our Van we will travel the streets of the U.S. immersed in the wilderness that was traveled by settlers more than 100 years ago and visiting a different park every day to get to the legendary Las Vegas!!!
Program: 1st Group
Arrival in Rapid City on April 29th for those who want to do a week at the Ranch or on May 2nd for those who want to do 3 days, Transfer to the Ranch, Stay at the Ranch until May 5th, on May 6th we leave for the Tour every day a new park and arrival in Las Vegas on May 13th Visit the City on May 13th and return to Europe on May 14th.
Program: 2nd Group
Arrival in Las Vegas on May 13 or 14 Visit of the city, on May 15 departure for the Tour with arrival at the Ranch on May 21/22, stay at the Ranch, return to Europe with departure from Rapid City.
The Tour will be done with a minimum of 4/5 people and includes: overnight stay in Hotel/Motel with breakfast,Entrance in National Park USA, the whole trip with tour guide and driver, Transfer to and from the airport. Instead for the days of stay at the Ranch is all included.
NB: For those interested only in the Tour the arrivals are the day before the start of the Tour and the departures the day after the end of the Tour.
Excludes: Flights, meals (Lunch & Dinner) Entry to Antelope Canyon and Monument Valley.
Price for the Tour of the Parks USD $3.000 to which will be added the days of stay at the ranch for a cost of $ 282 per day including: Board, lodging, horses and activities at the ranch.
Alcoholics excluded.

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===YELLOWSTONE Tour 4 Days===
This tour takes at least four days
Yellowstone Park was established as the first national park in America in 1872, offering a unique experience.
Yellowstone is located on the top of an inactive volcano, rich in geysers and thermal springs in greater numbers than any other place in the world.
Wild animals: wolves, moose, grizzly bears, black bears, bison, coyote, deer, lynx, puma, bighorn sheep, moose, red fox, beaver, bald eagle, golden eagle, porcupine etc.
During the journey to Yellowstone it will be possible to stop in Cody, a characteristic town where there are rodeos every night and where you can visit the old city rebuilt as it once was; another destination may be the famous "King" saddlery in the town of Sheridan and the Buffalo Bill museum is an almost mandatory stop.
Tour Price 4 Days (min.4/6 person) 1.700 $


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