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  • 30.000 acres without anyone around. Plenty of mountains, clear streams, forests and canyons.
  • 2.000 Black Angus cattle
  • 100 horses - Quarter Horses, Paints, Mustangs
  • 5 cowboys
  • a lot of pronghorns, deers, raccoons, marmots, beavers, prairie dogs and many others...


TheLake Ranch is located in the North-East region of Wyoming in the famous Black Hills, not far from Montana and South Dakota borders. Nothing can describe the beauty of these places.
The lake Ranch is located at the bottom of the magnificent Missouri Buttes, which are included on the ranch property.

The ranch has been a "Guest Ranch" since 1995.

The Lodge consist of:

  • "Old West'' style Saloon with billiards, foosball-table, bar as well as a big dining-room to enjoy meals.
  • Shop where is possible to buy western clothes, tack, etc.
  • 8 rooms with private baths
  • Separate cabin with bath

You will not be considered a tourist but one of us and you will live a real ranch life experience.


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