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Ranch Work


  • dust
  • sweat
  • noise

...this is part of the

[Up] ranch work!

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  • endless prairies
  • team-work
  • wild nature
  • pure landscape
  • limitless silence

[Up] ...this is the other part of the work!


The day begin with a good buffet breakfast: coffe, fruit, yoghurt, cereal, ham, cheese, cookies, eggs, etc.
Around the table the cowboys will explain the plan of the day.....istime for horses!!!
The cowboys gater horses, free in the pasture into the corrals, where a horse will be assigned to every guest for the day.
During their vacation every guest will have the chance to try several horses and fine what match better for them.
We ride for 3-4 hours in the morning, return for lunch and will ride again in the afternoon for another 3-4 hours.
The program may change due to cattle work or ranch activities.
When no cattle work is necessary we just ride for fun, enjoying the beautiful landscape through canyons, forests and endless prairies...surrounded by the beauty of this places.
Free, but with total respect for the horses and the land.

Calvin Season. We need to ride to the herd to check on the babies every day to be sure that they are ok.
At the end of calving season we will have a branding which we still do like in the "old west: horses, ropes, sweat and dust.

During this time we manage the pasture. We will have 1200 head of cattle.
Cowboy will explain to the guest the technique used for the cattle drive.

We will begin our roundup of cattle and choose which ones to keep and to sell before winter, the cattle we keep we move to the winter pasture.
This is a period of hard working which you might be ridding all day.
When you have time you can go into arena and practice

  • team penning
  • breakaway roping
  • barrel racing
  • cutting horse Or just relax in the beautiful lake or in the hot tub

When possible we will visit Devils Tower (First national monument of America), Black Hills National Forest, Deadwood, Badlands National Park etc.
Your may choose to partecipate in all of activity.

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